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Asia & Oceania

You can find Japan's oldest mosque in Kobe

Japan’s first mosque still stands today in the quaint district of Kitano in Kobe.


Human Writes: Finally ‘an addict shall be treated as a patient’

After four decades of tough, punitive drug policies, the government took the brave step of changing how the legal system views drug users.

Movie Review

‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’: Fanciful final flight

‘How To Train A Dragon: The Hidden World' brings the trilogy to a natural close, tying up all the loose ends not just for Hiccup and Toothless, but for the world they inhabit as well.


Cartoonist Zunar on his sedition charges & fight for political reform

Zunar is more upbeat these days with his newfound freedom and works receiving mainstream attention. He also assures that his fight for political reform - through his cartoons - will continue.


Stop using bear bile, switch to better herbs

The traditional Chinese medicine industry of Malaysia calls for a stop to using bear bile and a switch to better herbal alternatives.


Human Writes: Do you see drug addiction as a health problem or a criminal one?

Putting a drug addict in jail simply costs the public money. What about rehabilitating him or her instead?


Part 2: Stories of the men who built the Death Railway

Two men share painful memories of the family members they were forced to leave behind along that deadly line built during WWII.