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Strong people may have genetic advantage

Study suggests elite ‘power’ athletes carry more power-boosting genes.

A treatment worth its salt?

Salt therapy is a homeopathic remedy meant to help respiratory problems.

Daria Werbowy is the new face of Mango

The Canadian model is set to replace Miranda Kerr as the face of the Spanish high street fashion brand.

Making the headlines

A ‘newspaper sidewalk’ is pressman’s legacy.

Shedding light on dark past

Leon Prochnik was six when his family fled the Nazis, leaving their chocolate factory behind. Now 80, he gives talks on the horrors of the Holocaust.

Fiery family affairs

A feisty senior and her befuddled granddaughter connect while tussling with each other over a ‘lost’ family property.

Hotel breakfast costs RM45 on average worldwide

Study shows Singapore charges the most, Poland has affordable breakfasts.

Dr Brandt launches online shop in 19 new markets

Now you can get the doctor’s prescription from almost anywhere in the world.

Bearing witness to the Holocaust - survivors record their memories

As the voices of Holocaust survivors fade out one by one, those still alive feel a need to record their memories of that terrible time in world history.

Aerial acrobatics: Making planes dance in the sky

A retired Malaysian air force pilot swaps his MiG-29 and F-18 for a smaller, lighter and more nimble plane that can dance in the sky.