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Making the rounds on X'mas

SOMEONE whom I hadn#8217;t seen in a long time sent me a surprise e-mail from Sweden on Boxing Day, last Thursday.


Travel to Thailand

Compiled by ANDREW SIA.


Helping the children

From growing up in Malaysian rubber estates to living in the arid Arizona desert, speech pathologist Shereen Thomas has found a new home, where she is able to help the community she lives in by working with little children. ANN MARIE CHANDY has the story.


New Year Resolutions

Readers share their resolutions on how to improve their English.


Grammar puzzle

YOUR article about the use of the past tenses of #8220;have#8221; (Jan 8) reminded me of my all-time favourite English grammar puzzle, which I believe is attributable to Lewis Carroll.


Help in the nick of time

WHETHER it is a road accident, a fire, a landslide or any other calamity, these men will be there in the thick of action, driven by a common goal: to rescue the wounded. In an emergency, every second counts and it is often a race against time as they battle overwhelming odds to save precious lives.


Fighting with words

RITA Gomez Biddulph was not one to let difficult situations prevent her from reaching her dreams. Overcoming financial obstacles, she worked her way to an amazing career as a journalist for Reuters and then lawyer for the UK Government. ELIZABETH TAI met her in London recently.


Crucial treatment

THERE is warfare on the roads with thousands of on-the-spot deaths a year. If they#8217;re lucky, 1% of the critical cases survives upon reaching the hospital.


My new year resolution

JUST the other day, my mother asked me what the word #8220;zephyr#8221; meant.


Firm up with yeast

EVERY shape can become shapeless, so says Biotherm.