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Pestle & Mortar Clothing unveils special KFC streetwear collection

The Pestle & Mortar Clothing "11 Finger Lickin' Good Goods" streetwear collection pays homage to KFC's heritage in Malaysia.

Eating Out

A splendid spread of Malaysian Indian food at Kumar's

Kumar's offers authentic Malaysian Indian food with recipes dating back to 1969, like flower crab masala, fish head curry, fish puttu and bone marrow pepper masala.


Chinese New Year reunion dinner: A feast of unity and celebration

In many Chinese households, all family members keep to tradition by coming together in a celebrative feast on the eve of the Chinese New Year.


Food experiences for travellers who are always hungry

There is a lot you can learn about a country or destination, its history, people and culture from local cuisines. Let us know what your top food experiences from around the world are, or what you would like to try.


'The war on drugs hasn't worked': Finding a better way to tackle the drugs problem

Recently appointed senior advisor for Drug Use and Community Responses for the international financing body Global Fund Palani Narayanan is trying to persuade governments that there are better ways to tackle the drug problem.


Contradictheory: Getting crispy with chicken rendang

Like every Malaysian, columnist Dzof Azmi has an opinion about crispy chicken rendang. Should life and food be about staying with tradition or trying new things?

Food News

Canada is up for the new Waffle Double Down

Flipped chicken waffle sandwich is the new Double Down from KFC only available in Canada.


Asian-American food stars to transform museum cafe

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco has tapped a trio of some of the buzziest Asian-American food personalities in the city to revamp its dining offerings and help attract new visitors.

Food News

Ready, set, go for K-food world domination

Korean tourism banks on PyeongChang Olympics to boost popularity of the country’s food.