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Malaysia's public policies in focus in new book

'Malaysia’s Transformation Challenges: Debating Public Policies' offers the author's frank thoughts on economics, politics, national unity and more.


Booked Out: The Singapore Grip’s conflicts remain sadly familiar

J.G. Farrell’s colonial classic mirrors the racial divides that continue to plague Malaysia today.


Lost in translation? Well, don’t shoot the messenger!

You can say something in good faith that is true, but what is really important is how people will react to it. Problem is, you can’t control how people will see your message, can you?


Truths built on untruths

Malaysia is being stretched and strained as different sides are adamant that they cannot be wrong.


Social brains: The ability to read and change minds

Politicians can and should say all kinds of stuff on social network. Because we want and need to know if what's on their mind is also what we're thinking.