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Robots take the wheel as autonomous farm machines hit the field

Robots are taking over farms faster than anyone saw coming.


Facebook has assembled a small army of fact-checkers. Too small.

One of the operations most vital to Facebook Inc at this moment is a world away from its Menlo Park, California, headquarters, and in more ways than one.


Cargill robot moves cattle herds with less stress, more safety

Meet the world's first cowboy robot. It does not look like something from Hollywood or Silicon Valley.


US employers get serious about feeding workers healthier food

Tech startups and giants such as Google and Facebook may provide employees with all the healthful coconut water and seaweed snacks they can handle, but if their employees are reaching past the good stuff and just scarfing down corn chips and Diet Coke at their desks all day, all is not well. Garbage in, garbage out, as the programmers say.


Online tool predicts heart risk in young adults

An online calculator may help young people predict their risk of developing heart disease in middle age – in time to make lifestyle changes to minimise their odds of a heart attack or stroke, a US study suggests.


True or false? What to do if your smartphone falls in water

Whether it's a slip of the hand at the beach, a device forgotten in a pocket, or an overexcited child, smartphones get dropped or submerged in water for all kinds of reasons, and not all models are water resistant.


As bee populations dwindle, robot bees may pick up some of their pollination slack

One day, gardeners might not just hear the buzz of bees among their flowers, but the whirr of robots, too.