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Qatar says French missile found among arms seized in Italy was sold 25 years ago

DOHA (Reuters) - A French missile once owned by Qatar's military and found among a huge arsenal of weapons seized in Italy was sold by Qatar 25 years ago to a third country, Qatar's foreign ministry told Reuters on Tuesday.


PC gaming charts – Vampyr leaps toward Cyberpunk, VR Kit outsells games, Streets Of Rogue

A week-long discount on over 100 French-made games propelled 2018's murky London-set adventure Vampyr back into GOG's top five.


Italy seizes air-to-air missile, guns in raids on neo-Nazis

ROME (Reuters) - Italian police have seized a large arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, in raids on neo-Nazi sympathisers, they said on Monday.


Six cute game trailers – Haven, Kind Words, Turok, more

Glide over the grasslands with a special someone in Haven, send and receive wholesome letters in Kind Words, and explore a dangerous land of cuddly-looking dinosaurs in Turok.


Rights group tries to block new Saudi ship from leaving France with arms

MARSEILLE/PARIS (Reuters) - A French rights group sought on Tuesday to block the loading of what it said were munitions onto a Saudi Arabian ship docked in southern France, as pressure mounts on Paris to stop military sales to the kingdom.


French startup targets hi-tech anti-pollution mask at Asia’s health-conscious consumers

Founder says US$220 price tag should not deter consumers who value their health above all else. Company says the product easily beats European certification standard, keeping out particles as small as 0.05 micrometers.


Rights group tries to block Saudi vessel loading French arms

PARIS (Reuters) - A French human rights group on Thursday sought to block the loading of weapons onto a Saudi Arabian vessel that is due to dock in northern France later in the day, its lawyers said, arguing the cargo contravened an international arms treaty.


French-made tanks and howitzer canons used in Yemeni war - Disclose

PARIS (Reuters) - French arms including tanks and laser-guided missile systems sold to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are being used in the Yemeni war against civilians, leaked intelligence published by investigative website Disclose showed.


A niche no more: What today’s modern medical wearables can do for you

Most people are probably familiar with blood-pressure gauges. They have an inflatable cuff, air tube, measuring unit and sometimes a small built-in computer. But that was yesterday.