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Prudential Malaysian Eye: Seeing is believing

The exhibition catalogues the bright lights of local contemporary art.


Wild about palms

Malaysia has a rich diversity of wild palms, many of which grow nowhere else in the world.


Say NO to dead tigers

With poaching more rife than ever, and tiger territories dwindling, the odds are against the big cat - unless we take action now.


We CAN save the Malayan tiger, we MUST do it now

July 29 is a special global day for these magnificent animals. Here’s what Malaysians can do to prevent their extinction.


How do we ensure elephants in Peninsular Malaysia survive

Forests need to be linked up with ‘green gateways’ so that elephants have a chance to survive.


Let’s hope for a greener year ahead

Better legislation, improved water resource management, and increased engagement with stakeholders ahead.


Photographer captures Sabah and Sarawak with an unusual camera

Photographer Jeffrey Lim takes photos with a homemade woodbox camera for his pilot Kanta Borneo project.


The Malayan tiger embodies the bold power of our nation, but only about 250 of them are left

Our Malayan tigers are critically endangered, with only 250 of them left, and urgent measures need to be in place to protect them.


These animal snares are both cruel and criminal

Lots of wire traps just lie in the jungle for animals, waiting to chew off limbs or inflict a slow, painful death.


Keen on being an urban eco-warrior? Check out the Klang Valley City Nature Challenge

The Klang Valley City Nature Challenge invites you to play a part in conserving urban nature and wildlife.