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Striving to empower women worldwide

Australian international speaker and author Caroline Ward globe-trots to empower women who as a result would end up happier, contented and satisfied with their lives.


Kampung Sungai Buah: A charming Malay village you can visit

There is much tourism potential in Kampung Sungai Buah, a charming Malay village in Dengkil with plenty of culture and beautiful scenery.


Matters of the heart

Cardiologist Dr Satish Kumar Gupta vowed to be a heart doctor as his father suffered from heart disease.


These indigenous games show a way of life you don't really know

The aboriginal Malay sub-group Temuan demonstrate a few of their traditional games at the upcoming Selangor International Indigenous Art Festival 2016.


Brahma Kumaris is not a cult, says Neville Hodgkinson

The British journalist, author and meditator tells us why he connected with Brahma Kumaris and how it has helped him reconnect with his wife.


Malaysia’s biotech landscape finally starting to emerge

Does the arrival of global biotech firms mark Malaysia’s official arrival on the international scene?


Cycling to see the hippos at Paya Indah Wetlands

Instead of driving to the Paya Indah Wetlands to see a menagerie of animals, a retired teacher decided to cycle there from nearby Putrajaya.


That river you're chucking your trash in? That's your drinking water

Across Malaysia, rivers are our main source of tap water. So why are we still throwing our rubbish down the river?

Eating Out

Food Trail: Dengkil layby satay stall scores high in the flavour department

A real treat during a stopover on the way to Singapore.

Eating Out

Top-notch giant river catfish in Dengkil

Popular eatery in Dengkil serves excellent food at decent prices.