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AI 02 Feb 2018 | 10:51 AM

Make Nicolas Cage the hero of your favourite movies

A big fan of Nicolas Cage? He can now be the star of every movie you ever wanted him to be in.

TECH 21 Feb 2018 | 3:59 AM

Artificial intelligence poses risks of misuse by hackers, researchers say

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are raising risks that malicious users will soon exploit the technology to mount automated hacking attacks, cause driverless car crashes or turn commercial drones into targeted weapons, a new report warns.

TECH 19 Mar 2018 | 2:00 AM

If you think fake news is bad, fake video is coming

"Deepfake" videos – sometimes disturbing, sometimes entertaining creations of reality-distorting, face-swapping technology – are proliferating.

TECH 02 Jul 2018 | 7:00 AM

I never said that! High-tech deception of 'deepfake' videos

Hey, did my congressman really say that? Is that really President Donald Trump on that video, or am I being duped?

TECH 14 Sep 2018 | 12:00 PM

Lawmakers want US intelligence assessment on fake videos

A bipartisan group of lawmakers asked for a US intelligence assessment of the threat posed by technology that lets anyone make fake, but realistic, videos of real people saying things they’ve never said.

What's Your Status? 23 Sep 2018 | 1:02 AM

Making the world a better place with artificial Intelligence

All around the world and everywhere around us, artificial intelligence is making the world a better, more efficient place.

TECH 04 Jan 2019 | 2:30 AM

Deepfakes: Fighting fake videos, from Silicon Valley to Washington

Whether it's a video showing someone else's face on a different body or former US President Barack Obama saying things he didn't really say, "deepfakes" are now a thing.

TECH 08 Jan 2019 | 3:30 AM

Fake-porn videos are being weaponised to harass and humiliate women: ‘Everybody is a potential target’

The video showed the woman in a pink off-the-shoulder top, sitting on a bed, smiling a convincing smile. It was her face. But it had been seamlessly grafted, without her knowledge or consent, onto someone else's body.

TECH 28 Jan 2019 | 7:00 AM

Misinformation woes could multiply with 'deepfake' videos

If you see a video of a politician speaking words he never would utter, or a Hollywood star improbably appearing in a cheap adult movie, don't adjust your television set – you may just be witnessing the future of "fake news".

TECH 18 Feb 2019 | 7:30 AM

Researchers keeps wraps on automatic text generator to prevent misuse

Researchers this week announced they had developed an automatic text generator using artificial intelligence which is very good – so good, it is keeping details private for now.