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Japan’s ‘Insta-gran’ finds fame with wacky selfies

A madcap Japanese great-grandmother armed with a camera and an appetite for mischief has shot to fame for taking side-splitting selfies – many of which appear to put her in harm’s way.


LG G6: Back to basics

With the G6, LG is focusing on the things that really matter to users.


Latvian daredevil in drone-diving world first

A Latvian tech company is claiming a world first after successfully test-flying a super-powered drone which lifted a daredevil skydiver aloft, from where he parachuted safely back down to earth.


Silicon Valley courts cord cutters

Francis Kong used to spend US$50 a month for a cable TV subscription. Then, tired of paying for something he used sporadically, he quit.


Amazon launches Prime Video globally, leaves out China Inc launched its video-streaming service, Prime Video, in nearly every country except China on Dec 14, in its biggest challenge yet to Netflix Inc.


VR offers television producers ‘Hollywood in a box’

On a soundstage no bigger than a large bedroom a cameraman takes up various angles to film a helicopter that isn’t there, landing in a field that isn’t there either.


Data without limits

If there’s one thing that can enable or disable our digital lifestyle, it has to be mobile data. Without it, you might as well be using a feature phone that can only make calls and send SMSes.


All for OTT

There is a new way to watch TV, and it doesn’t even require a television.


Ten Netflix productions you should watch

Our entertainment habits are changing these days – where once we were beholden to TV programmes offered by free TV stations and then paid satellite TV, we now have on-­demand web streaming services.