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Saddam: We will defeat aggressors

B>BAGHDAD:/BA defiant President Saddam Hussein marked the 12th anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War yesterday with a vow to defeat US troops here.


Keep diseases at bay with good hygiene

Like everyone else, a certain reporter was worried about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome when she became unwell.


At home in school

SAVED by the bell - that's how many students feel at the end of a long school day, but if you study in one of the over 40 residential schools in the country, 'escape' may not be so easy.

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Singapore culls 90,000 crows

Gunmen have culled 90,000 crows here since January last year when the government ramped up a 20-year programme to eradicate most of the scavengers, an official said Wednesday.

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Ig Nobel winner sees no humour in study

Although Nobel Prizes eluded Japanese scientists this year, a 62-year-old professor won a spoof Nobel for his study on why a bronze statue in his city fails to attract pigeons.

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Pig link adds to bird flu worries

The human toll in Asia's bird flu crisis rose to 18 yesterday with a death in Vietnam, and a UN official said preliminary tests indicated pigs might have the virus that has infected tens of millions of chickens across the region.


Society: Close wild bird markets to curb disease

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has called for the closure of Asia's wild bird markets to further reduce the spread of the avian flu.

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‘Harakiri’ over chicken flu

A Japanese poultry farmer caught up in a bird flu scandal has committed suicide along with his wife, police said yesterday, as concern mounted that the disease may be spreading after dead crows infected with the avian flu virus were found near his farm.

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Police raid Japanese farm over flu outbreak

Police raided a chicken farm for allegedly covering up a bird flu outbreak yesterday, hours after agricultural officials filed a criminal complaint against the farm and its owner.

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Life in Singapore not easy for women from China

Wen Nanfei was waiting for a cab outside her home in Thomson Road here two months ago when a car pulled up and the driver said: 'Xiao jie, get into the car.' The fair 1.7m-tall woman, originally from Hunan, said with a sigh: 'They see that you're from China, they think that they can eat your I>doufu/I>.' The expression, to eat bean curd, refers to men taking advantage of women.