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Board to review movie again

Fans of the comic hero I>Daredevil/Iwill be kept in suspense until next week before the fate of the movie, which was banned by the Malaysian Censorship Board on Feb 11, is known.


No match for Harvard ads

ATTENTION, men! Are you looking for women? Are you looking for beautiful women? Well, I know where you can find these women. At Harvard.


Going big and green

NO, I did not get dumped. I#8217;m merely coming to terms with the ban imposed on a certain #8220;red devil#8221;. Having set my expectations and a countdown for a big movie outing since the day Ben Affleck got the role as Matthew Murdock, I am clearly disappointed that ol#8217; Hornhead got the shut out treatment.


Anniversary specials

AN anniversary is a time when something extra special is done to commemorate a milestone; and in Comicdom, the interpretation is no different.


Wired to the X-treme

FLASHBACK: the last scene in I>X-Men: The Movie/I>, that featured Professor X and Magneto playing chess in a plastic prison.


Behold the behemoth

Worlds of Wonder features the Hulk.


Revisiting and renewing favourites

FROM a Marvel-perspective, the term #8220;reborn#8221; unearths different connotations. To some collectors, it brings back bad memories of the Heroes Reborn-debacle, where high-profile ex-Marvelites were recruited to re-model the #8220;image#8221; of earth#8217;s Mightiest Heroes and the Fantastic Four.


Reviving the essentials

Revival mania continues in the comic scene. The number of relaunches in the last two weeks does suggest that nostalgia is a money-spinner. Old is gold indeed.


The new Marvel order



A master class crossover

AFTER lying in cold storage in most collectors#8217; #8220;wish list#8221; for more than two decades, the comic scene#8217;s most-anticipated project has finally materialised.