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The king's astronomer

King Charles II of England, like his French contemporary King Louis XIV, was a patron of the sciences. In 1675, Charles II broke new ground by appointing an #8220;Astronomical observatory#8221; (a title later changed to Astronomer Royal) to take charge of the newly constructed Greenwich Observatory, east of London.


Spelling out inconsistent names

Is it #8220;Melaka #8221; or #8220;Malacca #8221;,#8220;Penang #8221; or #8220;Pinang #8221;?A lively exchange addressing this conundrum is going on via an Internetdiscussion list. While no direct answers have been offered,there are eye-opening suggestions,writes AGATHA MATAYUN.


Bringing the world to American classrooms

The Americans#8217; knowledge of the world, or rather the lack of it, is well documented and is surprising, given that the US is considered the #8220;melting pot#8221; of the world#8217;s peoples.