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What do travellers want for 2018?

When it comes to travel this brand new year, the simpler the better. That's the travel prediction for 2018, as reported by Agoda.


Comfortable hiking: The goal is not the mountain top

Mountains play a key role in the new active holidays trend called comfortable hiking – but that doesn’t mean these hikes need to be challenging.


Malaysian bicyclist recalls quokka encounter on Rottnest island

Beautiful coastline views, wind turbines, a lighthouse and adorable quokkas are what you can encounter at the quaint island of Rottnest in Perth, Australia.


Local mum remodels her house herself after watching DIY Youtube videos

She couldn’t afford a contractor to give her kitchen a makeover, so dancer/choreographer/arts and craft maker/mother of two, Winnie Thye, learned how to do it from watching videos on YouTube. Now she remodelling her whole house herself!

Asia & Oceania

Winter in Australia

There’s always something fun to see, do, and experience, for every season in Australia, including winter.

Asia & Oceania

You don't have to know how to ski to enjoy Club Med Tomamu

Planning a holiday can get very stressful but not when you’re headed to the newly opened, all-inclusive Club Med Tomamu in Hokkaido, Japan.


Readers Share: Travel through a mysterious past in Egypt

The rich history of Egypt is a dream for true for history buffs who travel through its temples and pyramids.


What flight attendants say you should do when travelling

Five flight attendants from Malaysia’s top airline companies share their thoughts on travelling, flying and other tips.

Asia & Oceania

Kathmandu reborn: How the capital of Nepal bounced back

Nepalese capital Kathmandu embraces coffee culture, hip hotels, international cuisine and 21st-century nightlife, all while maintaining its historic charm.

Asia & Oceania

A wintry summer in Australia's Gold Coast

It may be winter in Australia but it’s fine weather all around in Gold Coast to enjoy its outdoors and get up close with wildlife.