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Has globalisation hastened the death of minor languages?

Around the world, languages die at the rate of one every few weeks. In America and Australia, hundreds of aboriginal languages are extinct. Many more are on the decline in Asia and Africa. The main reason being the pressure from dominant languages.

‘Kingdom’: K-zombies run rampant in gripping period drama

The ravenous undead, palace intrigue, corruption in high places ... this one packs a lot into a meagre six episodes.

Nasi lemak named one of the best traditional dishes in the world

Breakfast staple nasi lemak recently made it into food site TasteAtlas's top 100 traditional dishes in the world, alongside other entries like peri-peri chicken and sushi.

Shazam! Teen actor Asher Angel has the magic touch

TV star Asher Angel graduates to the big screen playing a teen who turns into an adult superhero when he utters the word ‘Shazam!’.

Time to plan your trip to these destinations in Europe

With overtourism becoming an increasing problem for many holiday destinations around the world, this award-winning travel agency has come up with alternative places to explore in Europe.