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Solid climate change action plans committed at COP23

A brief summary of action plans set out at the UN climate change conference (COP23).


Celebrating World Children's Day: The kids are all right

Ever wondered what our children would say if they had the power to rule the world for a day (or two)?


Aruba is full of exotic sights, scents and tastes

The enchanting Caribbean island of Aruba offers rugged national parks, stellar accommodation, delectable cuisine, and more.

Science & Technology

This little-known vitamin may lower your stroke risk

Research shows that tocotrienols may help protect the brain against stroke damage and reduce the risk of a repeat stroke.


These tips will help older adults avoid life-threatening falls

The likelihood of falling, with potentially serious consequences, increases in old age. Here are some tips to prevent falls among older people.


Achieving better gut health for the whole family

One of the keys to good general health is ensuring good gut health.


How to tell someone that you're sick and may die

There are differing opinions as to what you should do when sharing about a life-threatening illness, but these tips will help.


18-year-old to make SEA Games debut in triathlon

Ryan Tan will be making his debut at this year’s SEA Games in the challenging triathlon event after 10 years of sports training.


Finding the glory of humankind

As horrific events throughout history, and especially recently, have shown, no matter how hard the hit, we human beings always bounce back stronger than ever.


Review: The Girl At The Baggage Claim: Explaining The East-West Culture Gap

Navigating the choppy waters where Orient meets Occident.