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Israeli prosecutors announce charges over submarine deal with Germany

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's Justice Ministry announced criminal charges on Thursday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's lawyer, a former top aide and an ex-navy chief over a $2 billion purchase of submarines from Germany.

What is bribery? Trump impeachment hearing highlights Democrats’ dilemma

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - What is bribery? The question was robustly debated by legal experts on Wednesday during a congressional hearing in the impeachment inquiry of U.S. President Donald Trump.

America's 'Founding Fathers' star in Trump impeachment hearing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The framers of the 232-year-old U.S. Constitution played a central role in Wednesday's impeachment hearing as constitutional law professors outlined the case for, and against, ousting Republican President Donald Trump.

Godfrey Gao fans outraged at ‘cold-hearted’ TV execs

AN alleged WeChat conversation among executives of a TV station, expressing their views on the death of Taiwan-born Canadian model-actor Godfrey Gao, has caused outrage among his fans.