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Photo Kit: Getting more for less

Tan Kit Hoong finds out that third party lens makers have really stepped up their game to be competitive in the age of digital cameras.


US FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companies

US regulators voted to open a swath of government-controlled airwaves for commercial use by tech and telecom companies such as Verizon Communications Inc and Google Inc as they seek to meet growing data demands from new wireless devices.


Workouts get smart, streamlined with tech-personalised routines

When 55-year-old Connie Antoniou visits her fitness studio, the leg press knows her name.


Microsoft reveals more Windows 10 features, announces new devices

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 event shows off more consumer-centric features and looks into the future of hardware devices running the operating system


Amazon's path to TV success takes cues from old school Hollywood

Amazon prides itself on being a company that breaks the rules, but its recent success in Hollywood also reflects an embrace of a more traditional, old-fashioned script.


Say ‘Goodbye' to the pain of changing passwords with this new tool

If you thought Heartbleed was bad, one of the standout tech trends of 2015 is expected to be bigger and bolder online attacks — which means that consumers could be spending much of next year changing passwords across an ever-growing number of sites.


2015 Trends: The New IP, SDN and the Internet of Things becomes a business issue

Brocade’s Malaysia country manager Sean Ong predicts that 2015 will see fundamental changes in the IT industry, driven by enterprises shifting to outsourcing.


US accuses China of cyberspying on American companies

The United States has charged five Chinese military officers and accused them of hacking into American nuclear, metal and solar companies to steal trade secrets, ratcheting up tensions between the two world powers over cyberespionage.


Israel's ThetaRay turns to maths to detect cyberthreats

As businesses face a growing threat of cyberattacks, Israeli startup ThetaRay is betting on maths to provide early detection, enabling the shutdown of systems before damage can be done.


LG first to offer OLED ultra-high-definition TVs

Just weeks after announcing the availability of its first curved ultra-high definition LCD TVs, the company has just brought the world's first OLED ultra-high-definition television sets to market.