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Books reviewed by Thean Lee Cheng


Developer seeks US$5 billion from Subway restaurant founder

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida: A developer on Thursday sued the founder and president of Subway restaurants for US$5 billion, claiming the billionaire businessman hijacked his dreams of creating America's first eco-sustainable city.


Google's new mobile phone

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Inc. is determined to gain more influence over how the Web is used on mobile phones, even if the next step in the quest tramples some of the relationships forged during its two-year expansion into the wireless industry.


Early retirement is possible

ANYONE contemplating an early exit from the rat race faces just as many rewards as they do risks. The most obvious reward: Early retirement means more time to live life instead of working. On the other hand, there is always the risk of running out of money needed to survive the later years of life.


Up Close and Personal

The founder and president of Italy's largestfootwear brand, Geox SpA, shares about his true calling - designing and marketing shoes.


EU may ask investors to give Greece more time

BRUSSELS: Greece's private creditors may be asked to give the struggling country more time to repay its debts, the European Union's top economic official said Tuesday, marking an important shift in the region's attitudes towards solving the crisis.


S&P cuts US outlook to ‘negative’ It says authorities not clear on how to tackle pressures

NEW YORK: Standard Poor's (SP) yesterday downgraded its credit outlook for the United States, citing a 'material risk' that policymakers may not reach agreement on a plan trim its large budget deficit.


Your 10 questions with Clifford Herbert

Ex Treasury sec-gen and alternate governor of the World Bank TAN SRI CLIFFORD HERBERT answers Your 10 Questions.


Japan may send chatty humanoid tweet-bot to space

TOKYO (AP) - Lonely astronauts on the International Space Station may soon be getting an android friend from Japan.


Malaysia’s decision on nuclear power should come after due process

Ken Yeong writes on the hidden costs of going nuclear