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Arts 17 Jan 2017 | 6:48 AM

This artist uses violent videos to shape his abstract art

Yeoh Choo Kuan’s LiveLeak is a commentary about how we view violence in our lives.

Mind 22 Jan 2017 | 6:03 AM

Don’t be fooled by people who can put you in a trance

The Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia sheds light on cases where people are conned and robbed by strangers who can put them in a 'trance'.

Science & Technology 25 Jan 2017 | 6:51 AM

Fly spit can mess up a crime scene

Crime scene investigators have long relied on their judgment to distinguish blood spatter from the look-alike stains left by flies that land on bodies.

Books 02 Feb 2017 | 6:31 AM

Review: Demon Road: American Monsters

For Derek Landy, unpredictably is a style and it shines in Demon Road: American Monsters.

Viewpoints 26 Feb 2017 | 6:52 AM

What does your social media profile photo say about you?

Our social media profile shots are our digital handshake - our first impressions.

Animals 13 Mar 2017 | 6:40 AM

Poor turtle swallowed 915 coins people threw into pond for good luck

Turtle had to undergo surgery after she ate coins thrown by people wishing for good luck.

Viewpoints 23 Mar 2017 | 6:01 AM

Emma Watson will tell you anything, except where she lives

Smart, articulate and talented. Emma Watson is open about almost everything ... except where she lives.

Arts 19 Apr 2017 | 6:31 AM

A hopeful and optimistic show

In his third solo, Wong Chee Meng presents a spark of hope through art.

TV 02 May 2017 | 6:00 AM

Asian actors in the US are getting more exposure

More ethnic Asian actors are appearing in the cast of mainstream American shows.

Travel 02 May 2017 | 6:24 AM

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport nears ‘safety limits’

The Dutch Safety Board says that Schiphol airport is reaching its limits for the safe movement of planes.