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Books 29 Jan 2018 | 8:51 AM

Weird science, the true story

More than just a primer of quantum theory, The Quantum World is also a fascinating look at the world of science.

Mind 16 Feb 2018 | 8:00 AM

Contradictheory: Can't seem to focus? Take a deep breath. Take 30!

Science says we're all losing our ability to focus. Well, when you find yourself fuzzy-minded, Star2's 'Contradictheory' columnist Dzof Azmi says just focus on your breathing – it helps!

Movies 20 Feb 2018 | 12:00 PM

South Korean director Kim Ki-duk refutes sexual abuse accusations

South Korea's acclaimed director Kim Ki-duk has rejected sexual abuse accusations against him, made at the Berlin Film Festival last weekend, saying no one "suffers" on the sets of his ultra-violent and sexually explicit art-house movies.

Environment 25 Feb 2018 | 7:00 AM

How to upcycle your plastic bottles

Even those who don’t want to do complicated art works can use plastic bottles in creative ways.

Style 04 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Buben & Zorweg offers state-of-the-art storage for watch lovers

The state-of-the-art creations of Buben & Zorweg enable watch lovers to safeguard their most treasured possessions in style.

Children 07 Mar 2018 | 8:00 AM

Be enchanted by Neil Patrick Harris' whimsical 'Magic Misfits'

With 'The Magic Misfits', Emmy and Tony award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris shows he's good at writing children's books, too. A spellbinding adventure tale for youngsters.

Design 22 Mar 2018 | 11:45 AM

Check out these beautiful steel-framed sofas from Down Under – now available in Malaysia

An Australian company offers sturdy and well-designed modular furniture that meets your changing needs.

Nutrition 10 Apr 2018 | 6:00 AM

Coffee in California to require cancer warning

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge rules that coffee sold in California will need to be labelled with a warning about cancer.

Science & Technology 10 Apr 2018 | 6:10 AM

No science to back up coffee cancer label requirement

From the science standpoint, there’s no reason why the public should worry about drinking coffee as it hasn't been shown to increase cancer risk.

Music Review 11 Apr 2018 | 6:05 AM

'Golden': Shiny, glittery country Kylie

Kylie Minogue has earned the right to dabble in anything she wants, and she does it very well here. We just need to find a way to get glitter out of our cowboy boots.