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Microsoft halts global rollout of Kin phone

SEATTLE: For Microsoft, there will be no next of Kin. The company halted the rollout of Kin One and Kin Two phones after less than two months.


Review: Need a new iPhone? I'll take 4, please

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple CEO Steve Jobs has once again pulled a new iPhone model out of his proverbial magician's hat, leading hordes of gadget-happy consumers to wait in line for hours to snag one.


Why are people finding the iPhone so attractive?

SEATTLE: It's been three years, an eternity for gadgets, since Apple Inc. unveiled the iPhone, and by now other phones do some things better. Yet Apple is selling more iPhones than noshade size=-1 width=50%>


Google to open Web applications store

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Inc. will open a Web applications store later this year in an attempt to make it easier to find and set up programs within the Internet search leader's Chrome browser.


Review: HTC's Evo 4G is a very good 3G phone

SEATTLE: HTC's Evo 4G phone is fast, powerful and fun to use - as long as your heart isn't set on tapping into the speedier new network it was designed for.


Rival Adobe putting up adds saying "We Love Apple"

NEW YORK: Adobe is firing back at Apple with love.


Microsoft offers free software

SEATTLE: Microsoft Corp. is rolling out a new edition of its Office programs to businesses Wednesday, and for the first time it's adding versions of Word and other programs that work in a Web browser and will be free for consumers.


Spend US$499 on iPad: Done. What else do iGet?

SEATTLE: For US$499 consumers in the US can buy Apple's iPad, a power adapter, a cable for connecting to a computer and not much else - other than an overwhelming urge to spend at least $200 more.


Adobe needs rebound with latest Creative Suite

NEW YORK: Pent-up demand is expected to boost sales of the newest installment of Adobe Systems Inc.'s Creative Suite, the software package for professional designers and Web developers that brings in most of Adobe's revenue. The product launches Monday.


Apple iPhone to soon get long-sought multitasking

CUPERTINO, California: Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad devices will soon be able to run more than one program at a time, an ability that phones from Apple's rivals already offer and that iPhone owners have long sought.