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Secrets to successful mobile-apps development

KUALA LUMPUR: Mobile applications developers need to be aware that successful apps are not one-off projects. They are longterm labours that require much fore thought.


Aztech unveils Wireless-N IP camera

Aztech has unveiled its Wireless-N IP WIPC302 camera that allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones at home while you are at work.


MSI unveils laptops for gamers

b>KUALA LUMPUR/b>: MSI has unveiled its latest laptops designed for gamers, namely the GT680R and GT680H.


Apple one-ups itself with the iPad 2

b>SAN FRANCISCO/b>: With the original iPad, Apple brought an attractive, easy-to-use Tablet computer to the masses at a reasonable price - a feat numerous companies are trying to top.


The i(Pad)s of March

b>NEW YORK:/bMarch Madness could take on a whole new meaning if Apple gives the world another iPad next week.


Alarm clock docks for iPhone and iPod touch

IF you are in the market for a docking system to pair with your Apple device then check out the XtremeMac Luna SST or Microdock from Imation.


Small and loud

b>PETALING JAYA:/bRazer has an ultraportable stereo speaker set that delivers 360° of omni-directional sound.


More than just good looks

Samsung wants you to have the best of both worlds with the SF410 notebook which looks good and performs great.


Samsung’s new Wave

Samsung hopes to offer something new with the Wave 723 which runs its Bada operating system.


No more device screens in the future?

b>TAMPERE (Finland)/b>: Nokia is investigating a future where our bedrooms, living rooms and offices are not cluttered with dozens of different screens. In this future, vision technology will be seamlessly integrated into our lives, appearing on a as-needed basis.