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Taylor's to offer new science courses

Faced with changing student demands, colleges are always rising to the challenge, looking for new dynamic courses.


The masculine condition

As a general rule, men show enormous reluctance to seek medical help unless they are severely stricken. Men die five to six years earlier than women. They also tend to lead unhealthy lifestyle habits and take risks with their health as they are more likely to consume more than the recommended alcohol limits, to smoke, eat unhealthily and to be overweight.


Fat sheets

It bears repeating that obesity really does pose a danger to all and sundry, writes HOOI YOU CHING.


Eating well for diabetes

#8216;Fight Against Diabetes#8217; recommends taking a sensible approach to diet and nutrition for people seeking to manage the disease.


Seeking enlightenment

In this age of materialism, how does one hear the calling to walk the path in search of spiritual enlightenment? Following last week#8217;s examination of Catholic religious life, ONG JU LYNN finds out about hearing the call from Buddhist #8216;renunciate' who have taken the vow of the 'homeless one' and have not looked back since.


A shoulder to cry on

Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff disease, uni-directional shoulder instability, these are just some of the many terms MARTIN VENGADESAN had to grapple with as he bravely #8216;shouldered#8217; on to get this story about shoulder problems, especially in those who're active in sports.


A sensitive question

Is multiple chemical sensitivity #8211; extreme reactions to common compounds #8211; a disorder, as some doctors think, or just fiction, as others say?


Staying positive with diabetes

Is anyone ever prepared to hear the words #8220;You have diabetes#8221;? Being diagnosed with a chronic disease changes your life, your health and your future. #8216;Fight Against Diabetes#8217; takes a positive look at living with diabetes.


Organic vs inorganic chromium



Understanding blood pressure

DOC, what is hypertension? I#8217;m sure every physician is often faced with this question. We also call it high blood pressure.