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Saddam composed in face of judge's questions

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Stroking his beard, Saddam Hussein looked relaxed and confident as a judge questioned him about the killings of dozens of Shi'ite villagers, a test case Iraq's government believes might make for a swift trial.

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Cambodians pray for victims on anniversary

Cambodians gathered yesterday at mass graves where 8,000 of their countrymen perished under the Khmer Rouge, praying with Buddhist monks for the victims on the 30th anniversary of the genocidal regime's seizure of power.

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Rape of Nanjing forever remembered

Zhen Youfu is one of millions of Chinese who annually make a pilgrimage to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, a haunting temple that commemorates those slaughtered by Japanese troops during World War II.

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Lankan train makes maiden journey on tsunami death track

Sri Lanka reopened its tsunami-ravaged railroad on Sunday, sending the first train along the reconstructed tracks past the spot where the Dec 26 killer waves swept away a passenger train, killing nearly 2,000 people.


Lack of direction hampers clean-up efforts

Zainal Abidin threw himself on the ground in front of the Indonesian soldier and challenged him to shoot.


Stench from mass graves traumatises students

They lost family members, sometimes even whole families, and now students at the Ulee Titi religious school have to endure the stench coming from mass graves.


Tsunami health threats

The immediate impact of last Sunday's events is still reverberating throughout the region. The aftermath of the disaster sees multiple threats to human health.

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Millions scavenge for food as toll soars to 123,000

Millions of people on Indian Ocean shores scrambled for food and clean water yesterday, as disease, thirst, hunger and panic threatened survivors of the most devastating tsunami on record.

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Final toll from Thailand's tsunami may reach 6,800

The final death toll from Thailand's tsunami disaster could approach 6,800, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra suggested yesterday as Western diplomats and Thais scrambled to trace thousands of missing people.

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Rush to bury tsunami dead

Relief workers raced yesterday to bury decaying corpses amid fears of disease as the death toll in India from Sunday's tsunami climbed above 9,000 and kept rising.