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Food News

Gins with Malaysian flavours like pandan, nangka & galangal are here

A range of gins with Malaysian flavours is set to hit the market soon, produced by Eiling Lim, known as Malaysia's first independent whisky bottler.

Food News

Eat some of Malaysia's best durians at this durian festival

The Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards 2018 on 4 Aug will see the convergence of durian experts, farmers and fans as well as the opportunity to eat the best durians in the country.

Food News

Australia's Great Ocean Road has great food

Chef Steve Earl from the famed La Bimba restaurant in Australia reveals the bounty of fresh produce and good food available to travelers to the Great Ocean Road, like crayfish, abalone, lobster, snapper and Great Ocean Road duck.

Eating Out

Unique pasta options at Grano Pasta Bar

Grano Pasta Bar goes off the beaten track, dishing out freshly made pasta dishes like ravioli, reginette, Tajari egg pasta and creste.

Food News

Brahim's new fried rice is ready to eat in one minute!

Brahim's new Light-Meal Rice is ready to eat in just one-minute, and comes in flavours like Chinese style fried rice, spicy fried rice and soy sauce fried rice.

Food News

Martell replaces its 58-year-old VSOP with the Red Barrels

Martell replacing its 58-year-old VSOP expression with a new one aged entirely in ‘red barrels’. The current one, Martell VSOP Medallion, will soon be phased out and replaced by the new Martell MVSOP Aged In Red Barrels.

Food News

Irish food personality Donal Skehan discovers Asian baking

Irish food personality Donal Skehan explores Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melaka, Seoul and Macau and discovers more about Asian baking for his new show Donal's Asian Baking Adventure.


Savour the chocolate beers and Australian ales of Holgate

One of the early pioneers of Australian craft beer, Paul Holgate, talks about how he and his wife started Holgate Brewhouse out of their garage 20 years ago.

Food News

Cooking The Books: International eats from Italy and Japan and a little something for the kids

This month's Cooking the Books goes global with an exploration of Italian food culture and the Japanese art of kintsugi as well as something from Down Under just the little ones.


Octomore, the world's most heavily-peated Scotch whisky

While most Islay distilleries pride themselves on producing heavily-peated whiskies, when it comes to actual peat levels in the whisky, the Octomore series has them beat.