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Colours of China

Bracing for winter’s approach

THE weather in Beijing is getting colder and colder each day, officially announcing the beginning of winter.

Colours of China

Xi Jinping’s quest to build a beautiful China

The premier’s continuing initiative for conservation and recycling will require a massive public education programme.

Colours of China

China stands firm as a rock, but with open doors

President Xi Jinping pledges to continue the crackdown on corruption, eradicate poverty and open up more to the outside world.

Colours of China

A star makes a costly introduction

When singer Lu Han made an announcement recently, it demonstrated the immense – and sometimes devastating – power of Chinese celebrities.

Colours of China

Teaching errant motorists a lesson

China cracks down on road users who abuse emergency lanes and block rescue attempts for accident victims.

Colours of China

Three weddings and an investigation

THE Chinese gossip columns were filled with happy news from the entertainment industry and sports arena this September.

Colours of China

Just call Zhang Jian, the Hydra

The infamous Chinese national may have been arrested, but many more schemes like his will pop up until the real culprits are tackled.

Colours of China

Busting fraud and sexual abuse

The authorities are taking action after the deaths of young graduates tricked by Ponzi scams, and recent reports about molested children and women.

Colours of China

Disturbing pix highlight major problem

AT a busy railway station in China, travellers were walking up and down the aisles and many others were sitting on benches while waiting for their trains.

Colours of China

Mind games at the Winter Games?

Supporters are pushing for the centuries-old mahjong to be demonstrated in Beijing in 2022.