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Tech titans ramp up tools to win over children

From smartphone messaging tailored for tykes to computers for classrooms, technology titans are weaving their way into childhoods to form lifelong bonds, raising hackles of advocacy groups.


Clinical trial puts Apple Watch’s heart monitoring prowess to the test

Apple Inc has a long reputation for disrupting the markets with new innovations, and the Silicon Valley tech giant is now skirting the edges of one very traditional field: cardiology.


Your Apple Watch may soon be able to warn you of a coming stroke

A device that’s embedded in a new wristband for the Apple Watch marries two existing features-the heart rate monitor and activity sensors-and takes them to a new level using artificial intelligence.


VR exhibit explores Modigliani's studio

Tate Modern has just launched its new Modigliani exhibition, which features a virtual reality component called the Ochre Atelier that can be previewed in a time-lapse video from the museum.


Phones for urns: Hong Kong turns to virtual reality to honour ancestors

A lack of space for cemeteries in crowded Hong Kong clashes with the age-old Chinese tradition of reverence for one’s ancestors, but one entrepreneur uses virtual reality software to reconcile the two.


Google’s security chief is a former US Navy SEAL

As corporate America recruits veterans who have led men and women under fire, Google has skimmed the cream of the crop to manage its global security.


The 10 most violent videogames of 2017 (and kid-friendly alternatives)

It's a dark night. You've just escaped from a sprawling mansion deep in the Louisiana bayou. You're terrified. You've been shot at, bludgeoned, and stabbed as you try to escape this life-or-death situation.


Diabetes devices move from painful fingerpricks to slick tech

Diabetes devices may be having their iPhone moment.


Can this guy help Intel catch the AI wave?

To get a sense of computer scientist Naveen Rao, just take a look at his hands.


Chinese video site offers virtual escape from boring reality

Feeling trapped in her “boring” life as a member of China’s modern workforce, “Yaorenmao” escapes online, where she prances and preens in cosplay outfits for her 1.3 million fans.