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After doing wrong, do good

IF we somehow forget Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo’s eight years as Selangor Menteri Besar, we should at least remember him as the guy who inserted into public consciousness the idea of community service as a form of alternative sentencing in Malaysia.


Incorrect accounts are the board’s problem

WHEN the accounts of a listed company turn out to be unreflective of the company’s financial performance and position, there are several options for enforcement action. The worst-case scenario (for those responsible for the accounts, that is) is when the regulators take court action that may lead to heavy punishment.


Choosing between protection and hard lessons

PEOPLE who fall for investment scams and kids who write letters to Santa Claus have one thing in common – they belief in the promise of easy and seemingly magical rewards. When the lure of the sure thing is jiggled before them, the greedy and the ignorant quickly shed skepticism and caution.

Analyst Reports

Everybody loves celebrities

KIM Kardashian could have been in town this week, rubbing shoulders with our corporate bigwigs and maybe a business columnist or two. What a missed opportunity. If only the Securities Commission had been savvier about celebrity culture.

Business News

Voting in a vacuum

Optimistically Cautious - By Errol Oh
Wintoni shareholders to decide on boardroom revamp, but some may not know why.


Early test for MIA president

Next month’s AGM will indicate if accountants are ready for reform.


Reporting for a better future

Bursa’s new rules on sustainability disclosures are a step in the right direction


Understanding Honda’s drive for English

We may be taken for a ride if we have poor language proficiency.


A pattern of turbulence

A STRANGE thing happened at Ire-Tex Corp Bhd on Monday, when it had an annual general meeting (AGM) in Penang. The manufacturer of packaging materials surprisingly announced that co-founder and group managing director Datuk Donald Yap Tatt Keat had stepped down.


Ready for capital market’s new rules?

It’s time to study amendments to two pillars of our securities laws