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Musical maladies

It is not very well known, but just like athletes, musicians can be sidelined by injury too, writes STEPHANIE MENCIMER.


Toileting technique helps

TO squat or not to squat? That is the question. Actually, your toileting technique may have an effect on urinary incontinence. There is a lot of evidence to show that the Asian technique of using the toilet goes a long way to maintaining pelvic health than the Western technique, says Prof Ajay Rane.


More new young smokers emerging every day

March 24 -- March 29: Compiled by K.S. USHA DEVI.


Proposed reconstruction of temple halted

A proposed reconstruction project for a Goddess of Mercy temple here has been halted following concerns over how the work will affect the heritage building.


DNA advance by Chemistry Dept

The Chemistry Department is now able to accurately and speedily identify bacteria that causes food poisoning and water contamination through DNA tests.


Autopot system and its many benefits

EVERYONE wants to be given a chance to prove oneself. And Malaysian-born Jim Fah, inventor of the Autopot system, is no different.


Ah, sweet, sweet wine!

By Ed Soon


A matter of speed and safety

The Cabinet recently agreed to increase the maximum speed limit on certain highways to 120kph from 110kph. WONG LI ZA looksat the impact this decision will have on current efforts to reduce road accidents.


At one with Nature

Some really quirky art is on show at the underground gallery of Rimbun Dahan in Kuang, Selangor. The works are by Malaysian Ahmad Shukri Mohamed and Australian Jean Weiner, resident artists there over the past year. VERONICA SHUNMUGAM finds out what inspires them.


Making use of secret which leads camel to water

Scientists think that they have found the gene that leads camels to water in the desert. Researchers in Norwich say it is the same gene that allows humans to scent freshly-turned earth.