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Thermometers for pupils

ALONG with pencils and books, children in Singapore must now pack thermometers in their schoolbags so they can check their temperatures twice a day to detect Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).


Nurture good values in children, urges Endon

Families that emphasise love, respect and responsibility will produce positive, calm, confident and competitive individuals who can contribute to the society and country.


Pak Lah: The Economist yet to apologise for remarks

The Home Ministry is considering several options to be taken against I>The Economist /I>magazine. Acting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Monday the ministry was now weighing the best option available and the most appropriate action.


Study reveals the 'flavours' of Malaysians

How would you know if you are a young progressive urban person, kampung traditionalist, loner, wannabe or I>bochap?/IIf you are young and single, like to look sharp, are concerned about issues like gender equality and pollution, want to be different and better than others, most probably you are in the I>Bangsa Baru /I>(young progressive) category, according to a consumer study.


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Special fund for non-Muslims

Terengganu has set up a special fund to collect revenue from un-Islamic activities, with the money to be spent on non-Muslims.


MIC to field new faces in elections

The MIC will field new faces to contest in the coming general election to give new impetus to the party, its president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.


Restrictions on travellers lifted

Malaysia has temporarily lifted the travel restrictions on Hong Kong citizens, according to the latest news update posted on the website of the Ministry of Health Hong Kong.

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Cops smash triad in Guangdong

POLICE in Guangdong Province, South China, have smashed a leading triad in the city of Qingyuan and rounded up 59 suspects.

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Majority reluctant to report graft

THREE in five Singaporeans would be reluctant to report corruption to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, a new survey shows.