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Illegals stopped from leaving

Illegal foreign workers who tried to leave the country after the amnesty period ended on Monday found that they could not do so.


Illegals staying put, hoping for amnesty extension

Many illegal foreign workers are refusing to leave the country thinking that the amnesty period will be further extended, according to their compatriots who are legally employed.


Nationwide hunt for illegals begins after midnight

The nationwide crackdown on illegal foreign workers has begun.


Foreign workers all for crackdown

Foreign workers are all for the Government's crackdown on illegal workers, as it would lead to lesser problems for them.


PM gets another letter from Susilo

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sent another letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, three days before the large-scale operation to arrest and deport illegal immigrants begins.


Foreign workers: A month’s grace to pay levies

Illegal foreign workers choosing to return to Malaysia can pay visa fees and levies a month after entering the country.


Fong: Small businesses can hire foreigners

Small entrepreneurships are now allowed to hire legal foreign workers to solve the shortage of workers at places like farms and plantations, said Human Resources Ministry Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn.


On-the-spot arrest for hiring illegals

Employers will be detained on-the-spot with their illegal immigrant employees when the I>Ops Tegas/Icrackdown gets under way on March 1.


Azmi: VIPs hoarding illegals

The Home Ministry is aware that some of the employers of illegal foreign workers are titled persons and community leaders.


Prank calls to Selangor fire dept drop

PRANK calls to the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department have reduced over the past one year with the use of the central incoming call and integrated monitoring systems, I>China Press /I>reported.