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Calling young foreign blood

A group of journalists, comprising Indians and Malaysians, had been invited as part of Scotland#8217;s initiative to make itself more attractive to migrants and students.


Teen seeks natural parents

For 16 years, his identity card was a photocopy of an article that was published in I>The Star/Iin 1989. Suren keeps the article in his back pocket and has used it to apply for odd jobs and as proof of his citizenship. Now 19, he lives in constant fear he may be mistaken for an illegal immigrant by the authorities.


Innovation centre launched

MULTIMEDIA University (MMU) and Cisco Systems have set up the first centre in Malaysia dedicated to IP Communications solutions.


Stateless children in limbo

Stateless children are citizens of nowhere. Numbering tens of thousands in Sabah, they can neither claim citizenship nor plead asylum, writes SUHAINI AZNAM.


Bai Ling's lust for the limelight

Actress Bai Ling appears everywhere there's a red carpet and a camera, writes SANDRA LEONG.


Searching for a solution to NZ’s day of division

New Zealanders celebrate Waitangi Day, the closest thing they have to a National or Independence Day, on Feb 6. But 'celebrate' is perhaps putting it too mildly. While National Day in other countries is commemorated with patriotic fervour - usually with grand parades showing off military hardware - Waitangi Day in New Zealand has for decades been marred by ugly protest, division and bitterness.


Working overseas but staying loyal



Thai minister plays down problems with Syed Hamid

Thai Foreign Minister Dr Surakriat Sathirathai played down problems with his Malaysian counterpart, saying that they were good friends who #8220;sometimes have to say what we need to say#8221;.


PM: We will help Thailand any way we can

Malaysia will give whatever assistance and information to the Thai authorities regarding alleged Muslim separatist Deraman Kuteh, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.


Thais wanted militant badly

The suspected Muslim separatist arrested by Malaysian police in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 5 had a million bhat (RM98,622) bounty placed on his head by the Thai authorities.