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Overcome by semen allergy

It's not just an urban legend - allergy to semen is an actual medical condition.

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Depression in men

Clinical depression in men is under-diagnosed and commonly unrecognised.

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Time to rethink HIV

After three decades of HIV and AIDS education, is ignorance still fuelling the epidemic?

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Come clean before sex

Syphilis is a bacterial infection primarily spread by sexual contact.

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The force awakens and stays awakened

Priapism is considered a medical emergency and needs to be treated promptly

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HPV vaccines and cervical cancer

HPV is responsible for the majority of cervical cancer cases.

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One is such a lonely number

A man comes to Dr G with a singular problem - a missing testicle.

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Too young for the snip?

Vasectomy reversal has been gaining popularity in recent years partly due to the procedure’s high success rate.

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Is too much sex a good thing?

Will too much of a good thing become an addiction?

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Premature ejaculation

According to studies, premature ejaculation affects one in three men.