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Arts 17 Dec 2018 | 9:40 AM

Hello Kitty and friends are the cute stars of KL exhibit

Exhibit on Hello Kitty and friends is the talk of the town.

Health 09 Dec 2018 | 6:00 AM

Treating that leg pain due to peripheral artery disease

A new multiple stent delivery system enables more specific and flexible treatment for peripheral artery disease, which mainly affects the arteries of the legs.

Books 06 Dec 2018 | 6:00 AM

‘The Incendiaries’: Rich but unsettling novel on evangelical zeal

R.O. Kwon’s debut novel '‘The Incendiaries’ addresses the very personal subject of losing one’s faith in one’s religion.

Fitness 27 Nov 2018 | 6:00 AM

This personal trainer gets sailors ready to conquer the water

At Harry Legum’s fitness studio, his pupils undergo 50-minute sessions in which they sweat like deck hands, lift weights, tussle with a cable machine and struggle to keep their balance while standing on a Bosu ball.

Asia & Oceania 22 Nov 2018 | 7:01 AM

Try these specialised pilgrimage tours in Seoul

Here is what comes to mind when we think of pilgrimages: The tired, thirsty pilgrim travelling a rough dirt road, his feet aching from trekking down long lonely paths. But the Seoul pilgrimage routes are different.

Wellness 20 Nov 2018 | 6:00 AM

Getting support from fellow cancer survivors and caregivers

A nose cancer survivor who remembers how tough it was during his cancer treatment, sets up a support group with his wife to help their fellow survivors and caregivers.

Asia & Oceania 14 Oct 2018 | 7:02 AM

Thrills and screams at USS' Halloween Horror Nights 8

Universal Studios Singapore is creeping visitors out with an 'Infinite Fear' theme. One feature is the theme park’s tie-up with Netflix, bringing its hit series 'Stranger Things' to life.

Arts 18 Sep 2018 | 6:06 AM

Photo exhibition by visually-impaired & blind goes beyond the dark

A photography exhibition by the visually impaired and blind community.

Wellness 27 Aug 2018 | 6:00 AM

Does your hand feel numb, tingly or weak?

If you’re feeling numbness, tingling or weakness in your hand, consider asking your doctor to check you for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Food News 24 Aug 2018 | 7:03 AM

How I won MasterChef Australia: Singapore-born Sashi Cheliah's story

MasterChef Australia Season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah talks about what helped him surge ahead on the hit reality cooking show.