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Snowden rejects suggestions he is a spy for China

Snowden fights back against his critics, and denies allegations that he is a spy for China.

Strong Malaysian presence at CommunicAsia 2013

Malaysia’s participation at CommunicAsia is expected to further cement its sphere of influence within the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online

While working for US intelligence agencies, Edward Snowden had another secret identity: an online commentator who anonymously railed against citizen surveillance and corporate greed.

Microsoft, FBI take aim at global cybercrime ring

A major assault on one of the world's biggest cybercrime rings has been launched.

Digital divide still wide in developing world: study

Most developing countries are still struggling to bridge the "digital divide," a study showed.

Cyberattacks hurt China's credibility: US official

Cyberattacks against the US from China are eroding the country's credibility and scaring off potential foreign investors, a senior US official said.

As Bitcoin virtual currency soars, bubble fears do too

As of Friday, a single Bitcoin traded at around US$135 (RM405).

China's Tencent says fees for WeChat mobile chatting app unlikely

Tencent CEO said his company was unlikely to charge users any fees because they already pay for Internet access.

Connecting your home with Google Glass

The discovery of a patent application has revealed another potential use for Google Glass - managing a connected home.

Lean back and enjoy

Samsung kicks off its annual South-East Asia, Oceania and Taiwan Forum in Jakarta with a slew of smart devices, including giant TVs.