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Sweating up a stink

If sweating makes you smell bad, then why do babies smell so sweet all the time?


Hail to healthy leaders

Political leaders often have health issues that come with age; should they be monitored more closely?


A gassy affair

Passing gas in public is not only impolite, but may also be a sign that not all is well with your digestive system.


The sin of omission

Researchers find that kids who catch you lying by omission won’t trust what you say thereafter.


Is it really asthma?

Many parents might leap to the conclusion that constant wheezing and coughing means their child is asthmatic, but diagnosing this common respiratory condition is not that simple.


Happy Kiara trails

Walkers, joggers and cyclists all love the trails on Bukit Kiara, an oasis in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.


Maya Angelou memorial: Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Oprah pay tribute

US First Lady Michelle Obama, former president Bill Clinton, and media mogul Oprah Winfrey heralded the late poet and activist as a ‘force of history’ at her solemn memorial service.


Iron supplements recommended alongside treatment for heavy periods

Anaemia caused by ‘Aunt Flo’ should be treated to improve women’s health and overall quality of life.


Coconut oil goodness

Indian grandmothers and Ayurvedic practitioners can now say, ‘I told you so’, as modern medicine discovers the beneficial effects of coconut oil.


Missionary returns home after 57 years

One of Malaysia’s longest serving foreign priests, 83-year old Reverend Father Peter Bretaudeau will be closing a chapter of his life to return to his homeland after 57 years.