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Alternative treatments for dengue fever

The best treatment for this infectious disease with no medical cure might lie in nature.


Weight issues: Fighting flab from young

Childhood obesity is a potential time-bomb that threatens our nation’s future. Learn what steps you can take to address this issue.


Eczema triggers: Find out what they are to reduce chances of flaring up

Identify the various types of eczema triggers in and around the house, as well as the environment children are exposed to on a daily basis.


Hate running? No problem

For those not into the treadmill-pounding routine, not to worry – you can use one or more of these alternative cardio exercises.


Scientists successfully create vaginas in lab to help women born without

Four young women born with missing or abnormal vaginas were implanted with lab-grown versions made from their own cells, the latest success in creating replacement organs that have so far included tracheas, bladders and urethras.


Planning the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon

When you have a marathon with 35,000 runners, what do you do if there are floods? Or if the haze hits? What if volunteers don’t show up? Here’s a look at the meticulous planning involved.


A guy with cerebral palsy made an awesome workout video

Zach Anner’s hilarious clip will not just make you laugh out loud, but it will also inspire you to start living your life to the fullest.


Tourists head to Gabon seeking psychedelic enlightenment through 'iboga'

Some in Gabon believe the bitter 'iboga' root comes from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden – others deem it a dangerous drug. Whatever it is, it’s attracting tourists in search of enlightenment.


Drinking caffeine could benefit Alzheimer's patients, study shows

Clues found in research labs back theories on the benefits of caffeine.


Be a champion to your child

Children do as you do; so live healthily and be good role models.