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A self-administered flu vaccine could be on its way

Traditional needle may also be thing of the past.


'American Hustle' director closes a chapter

After making just one film over a span of 11 years, David O. Russell has now made three films in the last 36 years.


Singapore preschool uses face scanner as security check

Automated system saves time for parents and staff, and boosts security.


Time to move on with the music, baby boomers?

Too many baby boomers are stuck in the musical past.


Getting one million Malaysians to pledge to live well

Nestle embarks on a campaign to encourage Malaysians to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Bali launch for Bulgari's Aqua Amara

Water, touted as 'blue gold', is one of the important elements for Bulgari's Aqua Amara.


Help is just a call away

No matter what your problem, the Befrienders are there to offer emotional support.


Reprogramming our cells

A German doctor has come up with a way to reduce reliance on immunosuppresive drugs and treat inflammatory conditions using the body’s own white blood cells.


Handle your liver with care

The liver performs many important functions in the body, so it’s essential that you take good care of yours.


Swim away your flab

Swimming is a great workout to melt away your post-Chinese New Year fat.