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Russians do squats for free ride

Passengers on Moscow’s metro subways huffed and puffed to get tickets.

Bio-hacking your body

It’s called self-tracking, and it involves self measuring and analysing the body’s inner workings for optimum health.

Can baking make you happy?

While baking is not a cure for depression, it does help lift one’s mood.

Top ways to keep fit when travelling

Exercising is usually out of the question for those who have to be on the road all the time.

Workouts on a wall

New techy gym in California offers a workout on a wall.

Look good, feel better

Model-turned-actress Jenvine Ong shares her secrets for looking good onscreen.

Stamping their creativity

An art contest celebrates children with special needs, and immortalises their best works in commemorative stamps.

Bursts of flavour to make your day

Western Spices lives up to its name with a repertoire of innovative delights brimming with robust, aromatic flavours — thanks to generous and ingenious use of herbs and spices.

Child behavioural problems 'linked to bedtimes'

For children, not having fixed bedtimes induces a state of body and mind akin to jet lag, notes researcher.

Herbal products contain too many unlisted ingredients

A new Canadian study claims that the majority of natural health products contain unlabeled ingredients, such as fillers or herbs.