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Of assumptions and accuracy

What we see and accept as the truth in certain situations and statements may not always be so, and could pose us with some daunting questions.

Primary concerns

Contrary to what people think, teaching in an elementary school is by no means easy as thefundamentals of learning and living are developed at this crucial phase of a child’s life.

The telly’s okay for kids

A recent study states that hours of screen time may not be so bad for children after all.

No need for school-based assessments

From OLIVIA TEOH of Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

‘Tough’ love philosophy not good for kids

A GROUP of researchers is calling on mothers and fathers to abandon parenting methods like letting babies “cry it out,” excessively structuring their children’s leisure time, and allowing strollers and car seats to do the babysitting — strategies that have led to worse life outcomes for American youth, they charge.

The fuss over perfection

They may be seen as demanding but teachers who are meticulous and expect high standards of their charges are in fact, paving the way for students to go beyond their limits.

Building schools to uplift kids

In its efforts to extend education and better facilities to its school-going population, North Korea has invited an American to construct schools in its remote areas.

Protest over Harlem Shake sacking

OXFORD University students have lodged a protest about the “hugely unjust” sacking of a librarian who failed to stop about 30 students performing the Harlem Shake in a college library.

Skaters scouting for a home

WITH their indie hairstyles, tattoos and ripped jeans, Yangon’s young skaters, many of whom are still in school, look like their counterparts anywhere in the world, and like their peers, they struggle to find somewhere to skate.

Other routes to success

A letter from BULBIR SINGH of Seremban, Negri Sembilan