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Bidding adieu

Goodbyes may be emotional for both teachers and students, but with the passage of time, it is easier now to reconnect with them.

Tribal violence on campus

Jordan’s reputation as a regional higher education hub is being threatened by rival factions at its universities.

Zooming in on Zulu lessons

A MAJOR South African university announced recently that it will make Zulu language classes compulsory for all undergraduate students from next year, in an effort to boost proficiency in indigenous languages.

Thank you Sir!

THERE are some teachers who leave a lasting impression on us. For me, it was a tall, handsome man with a booming voice.

The epitome of knowledge and truth

MY ENGLISH teacher “Sir” Noor Hamissham Baharrom is one person whom I greatly admire.

Our appreciation

The one who brings smiles and laughter wherever she goes,

Truly special

I AM a Special Education student from SMK Ambrose, Ayer Tawar, Perak.

Role models

ALL the teachers in my school are great.

The ‘explosive’ one

“OK class. Let’s blow up this lab!” Puan Yeoh’s loud voice trumpeted over us as we bent over our apparatus.

Agent of change

A former corporate high-flyer is in a hurry to transform and see progress in a remote Indian village where she is ‘headman’.