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Savour each bite of our food to ensure good digestive health

Eating too fast or missing meals because we need to balance the demands on our time places unnecessary stress on our digestive system, and this can badly impact our health.

When breast cancer spreads to other parts of your body

The recurrence and spread of breast cancer to other organs is something most survivors live in fear of, as it can occur without warning.

Functional medicine goes to the root of the problem

Functional medicine aims to determine and treat the root cause of the symptoms we have, as well as to prevent them from happening again.

Sunny Side Up: Listen, reach out and be kind to one another

It's hard enough for those with mental health issues to reach out and talk about their struggle, so you can make things a little easier by simply listening without prejudice.

Study: It's not just sperm determining a baby's gender, it's stress too!

If you want to increase your chances of having a baby girl, putting yourself under a lot of stress seems to do the trick.

Study: Living with a pet can make a senior's life feel better

Numerous studies have shown that a pet can provide comfort, companionship, activity and emotional support for seniors – or people of any age, for that matter.

Mushrooms for men: More might lower the risk of prostate cancer

A new Japanese study has found that eating mushrooms, not smoking them, could lead to a lower risk of prostate cancer in men.

1 in 30 Malaysian women will have breast cancer, so get checked now

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Malaysia, but a majority of women still do not routinely check their breasts for abnormalities or go for screenings.

More Malaysians are suffering heart attacks at a younger age

Unlike the Celine Dion song, your heart won't go on and on if you keep ignoring its health. Find out why more young Malaysians are getting heart diseases and what to do about it.

The link between osteoarthritis and sugar management

Studies have shown that hyperglycemia could promote joint inflammation and cartilage degradation through oxidative stress and inflammatory mediators induction as well as through accumulation of advanced glycation end products.