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Indonesia's 'red scare' stokes unease over military's growing influence

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's military elite are openly stoking public anxiety about communism, gays and other 'foreign influences', a drive critics say is aimed at seizing a greater role in civilian affairs of the world's third-largest democracy.

East Germany's 'Purple Witch' Margot Honecker dies in Chile aged 89

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Margot Honecker, the widow of former East German leader Erich Honecker and the most powerful woman in the Communist state until its collapse in 1989, died on Friday in Santiago, Chile, at the age of 89.

Ahead of rare North Korea Congress, money trumps Party for most

SEOUL (Reuters) - Kim Dan-bi's brother is the model of the establishment North Korean: an army veteran and member of the ruling Workers' Party, he is now a manager at a state enterprise.

Robbers shot at Highland Towers

KUALA LUMPUR: Three suspected robbers, who have been using the abandoned site of the Highland Towers as a hideout, have been shot dead by police in a special operation.

Cops shoot dead three robbers at Highland Towers hideout

AMPANG: Three suspected robbers, who had been using the abandoned Highland Towers as a hideout, were shot dead by the police during a special operation early Tuesday morning.

Instead of blood, you can donate blood stem cells

These peripheral blood stem cell donations are crucial for medical research.

Ruckus at Indian court hearing student sedition case

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Fighting broke out on Wednesday at an Indian court hearing a case against a left-wing student leader accused of sedition, a charge that has sparked protests across university campuses and criticism the government is curtailing free speech.

Sleep tight: genome secrets could help beat the bedbug's bite

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - They emerge from their hiding places at night, driven to slake their thirst for human blood. Vampires? No. Bedbugs!

Fake royal awarding titles for up to RM100k each

AN individual, who called himself the “Agong of Nusantara”, has been awarding fake Datukships, Mingguan Malaysia reported.

US patent agency to decide inventor of powerful gene editing technology

A showdown between two teams of top US scientists over who was first to invent a breakthrough gene-editing technology known as CRISPR formally began on Jan 11 as a US government agency launched proceedings to decide the issue.