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Defectors say South Korea investigations threaten North Korean 'Underground Railroad'

SEOUL (Reuters) - A combination of coronavirus border closures and an unprecedented pressure campaign by a South Korean government keen to engage with North Korea may destroy networks defectors have long used to start new lives, activist groups say.


Women post swimwear photos to protest law on how to dress

WOMEN in Cam­­bodia have ra­l­­l­ied on social media to condemn a proposed law governing the way people dress in public, including by posting images of themselves in swimwear and skimpy outfits, with a petition also set up to block the move.


South Korean doctors strike over plan to boost medical student numbers

SEOUL (Reuters) - Hundreds of South Korean trainee doctors went on strike on Friday to protest a government plan to boost the number of medical students in the country, arguing it would be a poor use of additional funding for the sector.