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Tablet-based games may relax anxious kids before surgery

Playing with an iPad mini before going under anaesthesia could relax some kids more than a sedative would, also making life easier for their parents and hospital staff, according to a recent study.


Inspecting gadgets

Our pick of the most popular gadgets of the 1990s.


Videogames can let kids practice being bad

Teenagers who play risk-glorifying videogames rated for mature audiences are more likely to act aggressively, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and have unprotected sex, a new study suggests.


The Road Not Taken: The road home

When you’re a ranger tasked with rescuing children lost in harsh winter storms, you’ll have to make some very tough decisions about survival.


London's young techs find anti-immigrant mood a drag

When Efe Cakarel picked London as a new base for his video streaming company, he was counting on its location, capital markets and infrastructure, but also on the city's reputation as a hub for talented people from Europe and beyond.


Five-dollar Lineable simplifies kid-tracking, starting with the price

Seoul-based Reverth has unveiled Lineable, a simple GPS beacon that does nothing other than emit signals to a corresponding app, allowing parents the peace of mind of knowing where their child is at all times.


Radiohead frontman surprises with album by file-sharing

Radiohead's ever-experimental frontman Thom Yorke on Friday released a surprise new album through computer file-sharing, testing a new way of revenue generation that he hopes can directly benefit musicians.


Like Siri? You'll love Amelia

IPsoft has taken the wraps off an artificial intelligence system -- Amelia -- that's already smart enough to join and empower the average workforce and get colleagues quickly updating their resumes and paying for the premium tier of LinkedIn membership.


Into the Warhammer 40K universe

One of the very first games CHEE YIH YANG ever heard of, was a certain miniatures-driven boardgame named Space Hulk. He’d only glimpsed its awesomeness in a magazine called White Dwarf, back in the late 1980s. This week, he explores the “beginnings” of the non-miniature universe of that very cool universe known as Warhammer 40K.


Bitcoin backer gets two years prison for illicit transfers

Charlie Shrem, an outspoken supporter of bitcoins, was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday for indirectly helping to send US$1mil in the digital currency to the Internet black-market bazaar Silk Road.