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Make fresh grads teaching assistants

WE REFER to “No job gua-rantee for teachers” (StarEducate, July 14, 2013) where it was stated that the ministry may scale back its annual intake of teachers by half over the next five years as “absolute teacher shortages are no longer an issue for the system”.


It’s so wrong to ‘fail’

MY SON, a pupil at a national school failed both his Bahasa Malaysia (BM) papers in Penulisan (writing) and Pemahaman (comprehension) in the mid-year school exam recently.


The worth of a scholarship

Scholarships comes in different forms, some are monetary awards meant to help out a student for the initial period of study, while there may be others that allow recipients to benefit from them over a longer period of time.


Kudos to Manglish and English!

A Malaysian student studying in an international school overseas writes about a rather funny incident that happened some time ago regarding Manglish.


The push for progress

A reader writes and emphasises the need for English and English medium schools.


A game to help kids with anger problems

IN an age where many are hooked on computer games, Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) is experimenting with using the medium to reach out to children with anger problems.


Untangling a wired addiction

South Korea is conducting special classes to help its young people break away from their over-reliance of smartphones and all things digital.


Lessons reinforced

It may sound like Greek to some but ethos, logos, pathos, are all ingredients of persuasion and in the teaching context, it is the art of conveying a point effectively.


Let's move ahead globally

While the position and importance of the country’s national language should never be questioned, the writer believes that subjects in the sciences should be taught in English.


Kids can become 'rebels' with no social media

PARENTS who prevent their children from using the social media can to a large extent provoke them to rebel.