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Do sexist or ageist remarks bother you?

Women have come a long way in the past 50 years, but the wheels of change turn slowly.

Jamaica is no paradise in ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Nicole Dennis-Benn’s debut novel digs into beautiful Jamaica’s dark side, reminding us to see things as they are, not as we wish they would be.

This country is making the most out of global warming

For the 56,000 inhabitants of Greenland, melting ice may be unlocking frozen assets and helping businesses including fishing, farming, mining, shipping and tourism.

Plants can turn toxic when stressed

Climate change causes crops to accumulate chemical compounds that are harmful to animals and humans.

Conservationists are fighting hungry bugs to save this forest park

Trees in the La Tigra National Park are felled to save the rest of the forest against a large-scale beetle infestation, but is it too late?

Climate change: Too big an issue to sweep under the carpet

Climate change is a pressing global issue. We need to act. And fast, says Human Writes columnist Mangai Balasegaram.

Deaths from environmental degradation threaten global public health

Why addressing the links between environment and health, matters.

A growing middle class spells environmental trouble for Asia-Pacific

Unprecedented economic growth in Asia-Pacific puts heavy pressure on ecosystems.

This is how a drone sees Penang

Penang photographer captures the changing aerial landscape of his hometown

A street full of secrets

Joanna Cannon writes about an ordinary suburban street whose residents include a ‘goat’, an ‘unbelonger’ upon whom suspicion falls when things go awry.