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In mapping eclipses, world's first computer maybe also told fortunes

A 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator used by ancient Greeks to chart the movement of the sun, moon and planets may also have had another purpose – fortune telling, say researchers.


Digital nomads land dream jobs thanks to Estonian startups

Upwardly-mobile, tech-savvy young professionals across the globe are swapping their briefcases and brogues for backpacks and sneakers, setting themselves up as digital nomads who can operate from wherever their laptops can go.


Google's VR Poker and High Five mini-games teach players how to be nice

A virtual shopping experiment leads Google's Daydream Labs to ruminate on fostering positive social experiences, while a poker game featuring dogs and a virtual space for floating hands produce more encouraging discoveries.


Fitbit leads wearables, Apple Watch sales slip: survey

Fitbit extended its lead in the market for connected wearables in the second quarter amid a sharp drop in Apple Watch sales.


A look at the drones landing this fall

One product flying high in the consumer tech market this fall is the drone, whether mini-drones for leisure flyers or veritable winged racers


Billionaire Elon Musk outlines plans for humans to colonise Mars

SpaceX is developing a massive rocket and capsule to transport large numbers of people and cargo to Mars with the ultimate goal of colonising the planet.


Upcoming videogames: The Last Guardian, Dead Rising 4, more

Great curiosity surrounds the arrival of The Last Guardian, first announced in 2009 and due the week of Dec 6, while Xbox zombie outbreak staple Dead Rising gets a fourth outing.


Facebook inks agreement with 17 universities to streamline research

Facebook Inc's hardware development division on Dec 21 announced a new partnership with Harvard, Princeton and 15 other universities intended to allow swifter collaboration on technology research projects.


Levitating speaker unveiled in the run-up to CES

With only a few days to go before the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (Jan 5 to 8), South Korean manufacturer LG has caused a stir with a surprising bluetooth speaker that 'hovers' in midair.


Work e-mail overload: can the law lead a fightback?

Beatrice, a busy 50-year-old manager at an airline in Paris, sounds like she would benefit from France’s new “right to disconnect” law that guarantees all employees freedom from their work smartphone and e-mail.